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35 - Flanders Channel Frame Panel Filters
1"or 2" fiberglass & synthetic filters.
Composed of box frame construction with bottlecapping metal screening for durability. One-piece moisture-resistant chipboard frame, with metal on both sides of filter make this strong and durable.  NOTE: All filters not marked as "Synthetic" utilize spun glass for the filter material.
* All measurements are expressed in inches
Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning Sells Flanders Channel Frame Panel Filters
Fiberglass Filters

Disposable Fiberglass Filters    (1" & 2" Thickness)

The EZ Flow II disposable filter is designed for protection of furnace and central air units in residential and light commercial applications. The EZ Flow II has no need of a media retainer. Instead, the media itself is adhered directly to the frame for non-metallic applications. The frame is made from heavy chipboard in a one-piece design that eliminates corner separation.

The filtering media is continuous filament spun glass. A resinous bonding agent provides rigidity and resistance to media compression.

UL  MARKING  appears  on  the  filter  frame. These filters have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. and are classified as UL 900
Class 2 for flammability.

* All measurements are expressed in inches
Jerry Kelly Heating & Air Conditioning Sells Disposable Fiberglass Filters
Pleated Filters - 1"
VP-MERV 8 are economy pleats |PrePleat 40 are metal backed economy pleats |ProPleat 40 LPD are high dust capacity and low pressure drop premium filters This is a rugged, industrial grade disposable pleated air filter. It features a synthetic fiber filtering medium that is laminated to an expanded metal backing. This combination is then folded into an accordion pleat arrangement to increase filtering surface. This greater filtering surface allows more effective filtration while keeping airflow resistance low. The media pack is encased and sealed within a die-cut, moisture resistant frame. Performance level is MERV 8. MERV Rating: 8 Moisture resistant die-cut frame Metal pleat backing UL Class 2 Flanders PrePleat 40 Standard Capacity Filters - 1"